Unlocking A2P Messaging Monetization Potential

Enhance Subscriber Security and Maximize Revenue

The surge in A2P SMS usage, driven by new messaging traffic types such as transaction confirmations, authentication, one-time passwords, notifications, and alerts, has become a pivotal means for governments, health authorities, agencies, and businesses to engage in time-critical and interactive communications with end users on a global scale.

Despite the accelerated global growth in A2P SMS messaging, mobile operators are yet to fully capitalize on its potential to convert into significant revenues. Complications arise with the emergence of grey routes and unauthorized channels, leading to detrimental traffic leakage management for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

Ultranet’s Solution for Monetizing A2P SMS Traffic

Ultranet offers a comprehensive solution empowering both MNOs and MVNOs to monetize international A2P SMS traffic through a unified engagement model. This solution encompasses a complete suite of managed services, ensuring meticulous traffic selection and robust network protection.

Seize the A2P SMS Growth Opportunity

The burgeoning A2P SMS segment stands as one of the most substantial revenue opportunities for MNOs. Seize this market trend and adapt to changing consumer patterns by monetizing your A2P SMS traffic. But what exactly are monetization projects?

Monetization projects involve collaborative initiatives at every stage of the process, focusing on leveraging cutting-edge technology and machine learning. These initiatives aim to increase revenues by growing monetizable A2P volumes, eliminating network bypass, optimizing commercial rates, implementing innovative pricing models, and concurrently reducing OPEX associated with sim-boxes sending off-net traffic.

By adopting these initiatives, MNOs can tap into expert knowledge and global and local best practices, capturing revenue potential that is currently lost.

Enhance Security and Boost A2P Revenues

Elevate the security of your partnerships and augment Application-to-Person (A2P) revenues with Ultranet’s advanced solution. Our system safeguards against well-known fraudulent activities, such as the observed 43% of traffic using grey routes since 2020, effectively countering emerging threats like the artificial generation of traffic. Furthermore, it empowers top-tier commercial strategies, including the implementation of use-case pricing. Notably, Ultranet Telecom has consistently elevated our clients’ revenue by a minimum of 200% within a 12-month period.

Bulk international SMS gives you access to a global audience

The value of our international SMS systems:

  • Are cost-effective and offer an excellent ROI
  • Offer reliable and speedy delivery to customers across the globe
  • Provide detailed reporting and analysis
  • Enjoy great conversion rates compared to other communication options
  • Can be scheduled to accommodate various time zones
  • Can be personalised and targeted for maximum impact