Bulk SMS continues to be an economical method for widespread customer communication. This approach provides businesses with the assurance that more than 98% of their messages will be opened and read.

Advantages of using Bulk SMS include:

  • Accessibility on all devices
  • Delivery of concise and targeted marketing messages
  • Utilization of accurate reporting tools to enhance message refinement

Experience straightforward and efficient Bulk SMS solutions at the most competitive rates available.

We offer proven packages that include:

  • Secure and personalised messaging solution
  • Standard, premium, and reversed billing options
  • Full reporting and analysis tools
  • Audience segmentation and targeting
  • API allows for simple integration into your company systems

Research indicates that more than 98% of SMS messages are opened, a significantly higher rate compared to the 20% opening rate for email communications, making SMS a strategic and intelligent choice.

Key Features of Bulk SMS:
  • Targeted Marketing Messaging: Utilize Bulk SMS as a reliable method to reach all your customers with personalized and targeted messages.

  • Global Connectivity: Connect globally without geographical constraints, ensuring a truly expansive reach.

  • Instant Two-Way Communication: Ensure reliable delivery across all networks, guaranteeing that your messages are received and instantly accessible on various devices. SMS facilitates seamless two-way communication between you and your customers.
  • Effective and Secure: SMS serves as a versatile medium, proving effective for marketing, surveys, competitions, and more. Additionally, it provides a secure option for applications such as two-factor authentication in financial services and other personal online activities.

Secure 2-Way SMS Service

Utilize our registered WASP status to access a secure 2-way SMS service offered by Ultranet. This service is designed to promote your products effectively and maintain active engagement with your customers.

SMS Management Platforms

Ultranet Telecom offers comprehensive solutions for Voice and SMS Gateway Management, specifically designed for Mobile Network Operators, Ministries of Telecommunications, and Regulators. The primary objective is to enhance the security and efficiency of the operator’s network, focusing on the aggregation of all international voice and/or A2P messages.

The Gateway Management project’s overarching goal is to empower Mobile Operators to secure and optimize revenues derived from the International Wholesale Business. This involves exercising control over international traffic by either managing existing firewalls and fraud prevention solutions or implementing new Fraud Management tools.

The project encompasses gaining complete visibility into traffic sources and regulating authorized traffic types per source, aiming to augment international business income. Sama assumes a pivotal role in network management, undertaking activities such as:

  • – Collection and marketing of traffic
  • – Monetization of revenues
  • – Monitoring service quality and network stability
  • – Handling financial activities, including revenue collection and commitments
  • – Implementing fraud detection and filtering measures
  • – Addressing subscriber concerns
  • – Offering business consultancy services
  • – Providing the operator with a suite of business and monitoring tools